The purpose of this page is for patrons to search for delinquencies on properties within the District. This information is public record. The accounts on the lists below are either a pending tax deed or have already had a tax deed recorded against the property. The lists are in PDF format and are searchable. Click on the links below to open the lists and search for a property.  

The accounts on the list below are three years delinquent and currently have a pending tax deed status. Any account on this list has until December 31st, 2018 to pay at least the 2015 balance. If at least the 2015 balance is not paid by 5:00 p.m. December 31st, 2018 there will be a tax deed recorded against the property on January 2nd, 2019.

Current Pending Tax Deed List - Updated 11/30/2018

If an account is on the list below it currently has a tax deed, which means the property cannot be sold with a clean title until the balance is paid in full.

Current Tax Deed List - updated 11/30/2018

Any questions about delinquent accounts or current balances should be directed to the office at (208) 459-3617.