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Pioneer Irrigation District is a non-profit irrigation district providing irrigation water to 34,000+ acres in the Canyon County and extreme Western Ada County area in Idaho. Established in 1901, we are proud to be a part of the Treasure Valley's rich agricultural history and are continually looking for the best ways to manage water needs now and for the future for both agriculture uses and the ever growing residential population in the Treasure Valley.


Water Update:

Please click the link below to see the current reservoir levels:
Bureau of Reclamation Site



Water is Coming:

Irrigation water deliveries to approximately 5,800 Pioneer Irrigation District patrons should begin about April 14th as the 2014 irrigation season gets underway with a conservative, wait and see water supply strategy, Pioneer officials announced today.

“Given the current water supply picture, our initial approach to the 2014 irrigation season will be highly conservative, similar to our approach last year.  We currently have about 58 percent of our total storage water in the reservoirs. The snowpack is at 95 percent of normal but what we don’t know is when and how much of that we will be able to use. That depends on when the snowpack melts and how fast. Plus, there is the likelihood that not all the reservoirs will refill this year,” said Mark Zirschky, Pioneer Water Superintendent.

Pioneer initially gets its full supply from natural flows in the Boise River supplied by the runoff from melting snowpack. But when natural flows in the river fall below a certain level, the District then supplements its supply with water stored in Boise River reservoirs.

“The best case would be a long cool start to this season. That would give us a slower release of the snow-melt which translates into enough natural flow as well as continuing to increase our storage water levels in the reservoirs. We’re asking our users to take a conservative approach to their irrigation and drainage methods and we will adjust the water delivery amounts as we move into spring and summer, ” Zirschky added.

Pioneer actually will start filling the Phyllis Canal from its diversion on the Boise River on April 9.  However, it takes several days for Pioneer crews to flush the District’s canals and laterals to remove debris that has accumulated in the canals, and then for the canals to completely fill with water. Work crews currently are actively putting finishing touches on burning and other maintenance activities prior to the start of the 2014 irrigation season.
Pioneer patrons should contact their local ditchrider approximately April 14thh to determine exactly when irrigation water will be available at individual delivery points. Users should contact the Pioneer office at 459-3617 if they do not know who their ditchrider is, or how to contact them.
Pioneer officials also encourage their patrons to sign up for Pioneering Communications,  the District’s email information system to receive email notifications about system complications or delivery interruptions. Information about the system is available at the Pioneer website:

            Pioneer Irrigation District is a non-profit irrigation district based in Caldwell that has provided irrigation water to more than 34,000 acres of farm and residential lands in Canyon County and extreme western Ada County for 111 years.


Legal Update:

Pioneer Irrigation District has reached an interim agreement with the City of Caldwell regarding the eminent domain lawsuit filed by the City in November 2012, Pioneer officials announced today.

            The interim agreement encourages Pioneer and the City of Caldwell to continue negotiations aimed at securing a permanent settlement in the case.  Proposed legislation in the Idaho Legislature that addressed the condemnation issue has been withdrawn. And, the parties dismissed the pending condemnation proceedings leaving the option to refile the action after Jan. 15, 2015.

            Caldwell filed the condemnation action seeking to condemn a large portion of Pioneer’s system of canals, drains, associated infrastructure and water rights. The action prompted the introduction of a bill in the Idaho Legislature intended to prevent the wholesale condemnation of irrigation and drainage entities’ property in the manner sought by Caldwell.

            The interim agreement provides 10 months during which the two sides can work to finalize a permanent solution to the dispute. If that is not accomplished, eminent domain legislation may be reintroduced in the 2015 Idaho Legislature and the condemnation lawsuit may be refiled.

            The District thanks Speaker of the House Scott Bedke (R) and Senator Monty Pearce (R), Chairman of the Senate Resources and Environment Committee, for their legislative leadership in helping the two sides reach the interim agreement. The District also thanks Caldwell for its cooperation in, and execution of the interim agreement. The parties are making progress and Pioneer is hopeful that a lasting resolution can be finalized soon.






Next Board meeting will be held on April 21, 2014, To be on the agenda and address the Board, please call Pioneer's office at 459-3617.

Pioneer is governed by a Board of Directors:
Precinct #1-Alan Newbill
Term expires 2016

Precinct #2-Leland Earnest
Term expires 2015

Precinct #3-Rob Greenfield
Term expires 2014

Board members are elected by property owners in the District.


Pioneer Irrigation District
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