9/1/2021 Update:


   Today, Pioneer irrigation District Board of Directors announced all irrigation deliveries off the Phyllis Canal will end September 15th, with the HIghline, Lowline, and other drain diversions ending October 1st.

  The end of water deliveries marks the closing of a difficult 2021 irrigation season. With the official turn out date set, the District Superintendent will continue to monitor the water situation daily in an effort to extend the irrigation season, if determining factors allow.


  After flushing the system, Pioneer will begin its annual maintenance activities, especially the removal of materials of other objects that encroach on Pioneer's canal banks and easements. Officials caution Pioneer patrons to remove any vegetation, bushes or trees, and personal property such as sheds that encroach onto a Pioneer facility. If these things are not removed, state law authorizes Pioneer maintenance crews to do so.'

  Pioneer also routinely burns weeds along canal banks as part of its annual weed control activities. However, in recent years, it has encountered increasing problems with property owners who allow weeds to grow very tall around their private fences and right up to the easements. That creates a situation in which flames from routine weed burning can jump to overgrown patches and create a fire hazard.

  Pioneer does not spray or mow up to the edges of fences and property lines because of liability issues. The only remedy is for property owners to correctly maintain weeds on their property.

  For more information about the end of water delivery, Pioneer's maintenance operations or easements, contact the District office at 208-459-3617.