Board of Director meetings are typically held on the 7th of each month, unless there is a conflict. They are held at Pioneer's office at 3804 S.  Lake Ave., in Caldwell, ID. The next scheduled Special Board Meeting is March 24, 2020 at 9:00 a.m via conference call.

If you would like to be on the agenda to address the Board, please call the District's Secretary/Treasurer at 208-459-3617.

March Special Meeting 2020 - Updated 3/23/2020

Notice To Control Noxious Weeds - Please read the notice here.

Treasure Valley storage water rights are potentially at stake. Click here to learn about the issue at hand, who is affected, what the status is and how you can help.

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Pioneer Irrigation District is a non-profit irrigation district providing irrigation water to 34,000+ acres of land in parts of Canyon County and Western Ada County, Idaho.  Established in 1901, Pioneer is proud to be a part of the Treasure Valley's rich agricultural history and we are continually looking for the best ways to manage water needs now and into the future for both agricultural and residential irrigation uses.

Ordering water properly is imperative to the day-to-day operations of the District.  Our personnel place water orders every day with Water District water managers.  If we don't know you need water, we won't order it put into the system for you.  If you take water you haven't ordered, you are taking someone else's water.

Likewise, not ordering your water off can cause downstream flooding and is not an efficient use of water.  Do not allow your water to waste while being unused, as this shortens the irrigation season for everyone.  Best management practices observed by everyone will ensure a more abundant supply in the reservoirs and lengthen the irrigation season.

Please order your water on and off accurately through your ditchrider directly.  Your ditchrider's contact information can be obtained on the Contact page.  The office can tell you who your ditchrider is if you don't know, but the office does not take water orders.

If you have questions, please call Pioneer’s office at 208-459-3617.

Water is currently out of Pioneer's system.

Crews are starting winter maintenance activities. Please make sure any items you may have in ditch/canal easements are moved immediately. Pioneer is not responsible for damage to items left in the easement, and property owners may be charged for removal of items left in easements.

Please also note that the off-season is a great time for property owners to perform maintenance along fence lines, etc. Pioneer does not burn or maintain weeds right up against fence lines, in order to avoid damaging fences. Property owners are responsible for that maintenance, as well as trimming any trees/bushes out of the easement.

If you have any questions about Pioneer's maintenance activities, or property owner responsibilities along easements, please call Pioneer's office at 208-459-3617.

To learn the history of Pioneer Irrigation District please click here.

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Once the payment processing screen opens, please click the Irrigation Assessments link on the right side and enter the required data  to pay your bill.

Please note there is a convenience fee of 2.95% of the payment amount for credit/debit cards ($1.95 minimum) or $0.95 for electronic checks.  These fees pay for the cost of credit card/EFT processing and do not benefit Pioneer Irrigation District.


Pay-by-phone is available NOW!  You may call the office at 208-459-3617 to pay your bill over the phone (convenience fees noted above do apply).