Irrigation Water Status

NOTE:  In all other areas water delivery is available, for any delivery questions or to order water please call your ditchrider directly. If you don't have your ditchrider's contact information, please see our contact page. If you need to know who your ditchrider is or have additional questions, please call the District office at (208) 459-3617.

  • Kimball Lateral gate #6 near Ash, Elm, and Oak St. in Caldwell is shut down due to a broken or crushed private pipe.
  • Jester Lateral gate #2 has been turned off due to a broken private riser. It will impact deliveries off Colorado. It is unknown when it will be turned back on. 

If you live in or near one of these areas you may be affected. For any questions please call your ditchrider directly.

Currently the Pioneer Irrigation District is experiencing the following issues as of 6/10/19:

Ride #7 -

For any questions related to ride #7 issues please call Anthony Shippy at (208) 250-8226

  • A portion of the 10th Street Lateral gate #13 has been turned on up to the break. All other portions remain shut off due to the broken private pipe.

This page is intended to provide information for Pioneer patrons on the status of their water delivery. Any maintenance or water delivery issues will be posted here for your knowledge. We will post updates as we get them.