​​​​Pioneer offers a set of Standards and Specifications that govern all development and building in and around irrigation facilities and equipment. You can click below for a downloadable PDF version of all the standards documents. If there are multiple documents listed, all must be considered together as the whole Standards and Specifications.

Download the Encroachment Procedures - updated 2/18/2021- Process of updating fees.

 Download the Application for Encroachment - updated 2/18/2021


Pioneer has defined procedures to be followed in cases where development encroaches upon irrigation facilities.

One set is for encroachments that are applied for prior to construction and these are listed with the Standards and Specifications to the left.

The other is how Pioneer will handle encroachments that did not obtain prior permission. 

Click here to download the Unauthorized Encroachment Procedures - updated 2/14/2015




We are in the process of updating our Project fees.  Fees are as follow:

Application for Encroachment Fees: $3500.00 ($1500.00 Engineering, $1500.00 Legal & $500.00 admin)

General Utility fees: $500.00


As development continues to increase in the area, Pioneer provides the following information to help developers working with, in, and around Pioneer facilities.  Questions related to development should be directed to Assistant Superintendent, Dave Watkins, at (208) 459-3617.

Pioneer has prepared a guide to help define encroachments, easements, and other irrigation right-of-way related information. 

Click here to download Right-of-Way pamphlet.

If you wish to have a piece of property included into Pioneer's district for irrigation, you must petition the Board of Directors for annexation. Start the process by sending a letter to the Board of Directors, (to the address at the bottom of this page), requesting annexation into the District. The letter must include the following:

  • Complete legal description of the property you want to have annexed.  If you do not have this, you can obtain if from the County Recorder's Office.
  • Proof of exclusion from the original irrigation district of the property. 
  • Description of the means by which you propose to have water delivered.
  • Processing fee of $300.00.

Once Pioneer has received this information, the District will:

  • Advertise the petition, as state law requires.
  • The Board will then review the request at the next available Board meeting. If approved, an Order for Annexation will be drawn up and signed. There is then a 90-day waiting period before the Order becomes effective.
  • If no one opposes the petition in that 90 days, a new account will be created for the property and it will be billed as any other account in the District.