Water Users

Ditches below Pioneer's delivery point are private and it is the responsibility of the users of private ditches to properly maintain them.

If you wish to have a piece of property included into Pioneer's district for irrigation, you must petition the Board of Directors for annexation. Start the process by sending a letter to the Board of Directors to the address at the bottom of this page, requesting annexation into the District. The letter must include the following:

  • Complete legal description of the property you want to have annexed. If you do not have this, you can obtain if from the County Recorder's Office.
  • Proof of exclusion from the original irrigation district of the property. 
  • Description of the means by which you propose to have water delivered.
  • Processing fee of $300.00.

Once Pioneer has received this information, the District will:

  • Advertise the petition, as state law requires.
  • The Board will then review the request at the next available Board meeting. If approved, an Order for Annexation will be drawn up and signed. There is then a 90-day waiting period before the Order becomes effective.
  • If no one opposes the petition in that 90 days, a new account will be created for the property and it will be billed as any other account in the District. 



Please note that Pioneer does not typically set water rotation schedules for water users in residential areas. This is up to the water users themselves to organize. If you have questions on water rotation, we advise you to talk to your neighbors and/or homeowner's association first. Your ditchrider may know what the rotation schedule has typically been, but does not generally determine that schedule. 


Pioneer has prepared a guide to help define things like encroachments, easements, and other irrigation right-of-way related information. 

Click here to Download the Right-of-Way Pamphlet.


  • Use of sterilants on canal banks is strictly prohibited.
  • You must order your water on and off through your ditchrider directly, with a minimum of 36 hours notice.
  • Water WILL NOT BE DELIVERED to property which has any past due balance owing.
  • If you buy or sell a property in the District, please notify the office to ensure our records are correct.
  • Owners of livestock are responsible for damage done to any irrigation facility.
  • Ditches below Pioneer's delivery point are private and it is the responsibility of the users of private ditches to properly maintain them.
  • ​Pioneer Irrigation District is not responsible for anything left in the easement along canals and drain ditches. Responsible parties may be billed by the irrigation district for removal of anything impeding the use of an easement.
  • It is essential that all farmers make an effort to keep excess silt and loose solid from moving through their irrigation runs and off their property. Conservation best management practices should be followed. If you have questions on how to accomplish this, please call the office.

This page is intended to provide educational information for Pioneer patrons on different aspects of water delivery.  As always, if you have a question you haven't been able to find an answer to on our website, please call the District office at (208) 459-3617.





Pioneer Irrigation District does not maintain the pressurized irrigation within subdivisions. Many of those systems are maintained by either the City of Caldwell or the City of Nampa.  

This means while Pioneer might actually provide the water to the pump station that pressurizes the water, the City who has annexed the subdivision handles everything from the pump station into the subdivision--including maintenance of the system, billing, watering schedules, etc.

If you have a problem, as in no water or too much water in your pressurized system, please check the Subdivision List Tab on our website to determine who handles your system. You will need to call that entity to get help with the issue. 

If your subdivision isn't on the list, you are welcome to call Pioneer and we will be happy to help figure out who it is that you need to contact.